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How To Buy Bitcoin In BuyCoinNow

Have you ever heard about cryptocurrency? Would you like to get bitcoins? Are you willing to buy bitcoins? Do you want to buy bitcoins by credit card but you don’t know how to do it? One of the best place to buy bitcoins is BuyCoinNow. Here you can buy bitcoins very easily, it only takes a few minutes. We will explain it to you!

Currently, people from all over the world can exchange their currency of their country for bitcoins and there are several ways to get bitcoins. Among others, there is the option of selling products or services in exchange for bitcoins, instead of the traditional currency of your country. You can also make bank transfers or even buy bitcoins by credit card or debit through various platforms that offer this service.

One of the trusted place to buy bitcoin is BuyCoinNow. Here you can buy bitcoins with debit card and also by credit card and make transfers.

Steps to buy bitcoin online

Just by entering the BuyCoinNow webpage, you will find an orange tab that says „buy bitcoins now” on the main screen. Once you click,  you will find all the steps to follow to get bitcoins!

You can choose between putting the amount of bitcoins you want to buy or the amount of money you want to spend (in PLN, USD, EUR or GBP). Once this is done, you are asked to put your email and you are suggested „to use unique bitcoin address for each purchase for better anonymity and speed of transactions”. The next step is to choose the method of payment you want to make, there are several options: Visa, Neteller, Skrill or Dotpay. Finally you have to accept the terms and conditions and you can already buy btc! To confirm the purchase you will receive an electronic mail with a private key.

Sign up to keep up with your movements

As you can see, BuyCoinNow gives you the option to buy bitcoin online without registering. However, if you want to have information about your purchase such as seeing the various invoices, then you have to register. The process is very simple too. You just have to click on the „register” tab and fill in the following information: name, surname, email address and password.
You see, it’s very simple! If you have any questions BuyCoinNow makes it even easier for you. You can watch a video that they have done where they explain in a very attractive and understandable way how to buy bitcoins. What do you think about it? Buy bitcoins now!