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PayCoiner, Very Affordable

The number of customers who want to pay with cryptocurrencies is continually growing, so if you have a business, don’t think twice and offer a crypto payment system as an alternative. There are plenty of different platforms that provide this service, but one of them sets the difference for several reasons.

PayCoiner is a crypto payment gateway that, among other advantages, offers much lower rates than elsewhere. And besides providing simple pricing, their services are of high quality, speed and security.

Low fees

PayCoiner says that they don’t charge any fee or commission on the crypto merchants, so they don’t have to pay for installation, membership or subscription. It’s a great exceptional advantage since only the client has to pay the rate for each transaction. PayCoiner offers „the lowest possible rate” for purchases, approximately 0’45 % per transaction price. This price is calculated at the time of the transaction even though the invoice doesn’t arrive until the end of the month.

The customer will always pay the agreed price

You will surely know that the price of cryptocurrencies changes continuously. If you check the value of Bitcoin at this moment, you will see how it may change a few moments later; it can go up or down. For this reason, PayCoiner uses a system which freezes the exchange rate once the user decides to make the transaction. Therefore, the user who makes the purchase will pay the agreed price at the time of starting the operation, although later the market price will change.

Companies like CoinDeal or BuyCoiNow have already decided to use Paycoiner, and thousands of transactions have already been made.  So, why don’t you try it? If you think you need more information about rates, payments, and withdrawals, don’t hesitate to check Paycoiner’s website to find everything what you need!